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It does not require uploading of the films. In fact requirement imaging film can be eliminated thereby saving cost of the film. The image file transmitted or received through even Whats App can be directly uploaded and processed to obtain instant diagnostic outcome using AI tool.


Yes, it can easily be uploaded on the Android smart phones and the digital images can be transmitted from rural areas or primary health centres and obtain back the diagnostic result almost instantly.


Recently there has been tremendous progress in artificial intelligence (AI) with the invent of deep neural
networks, natural language processing, computer vision and robotics. These techniques are now actively being
applied in healthcare with a view that health service activities currently being delivered by clinicians and
administrators predicted to be further augmented and organized by AI in the years to come. However, there has
also been exceptional hype about the abilities of AI with a mistaken notion that AI will replace human clinicians
altogether. These perspectives are inaccurate, and if a balanced perspective of the limitations and promise of AI
is taken, one can gauge which parts of the health system AI can be integrated to make a meaningful impact. The four
main areas where AI would have its major role include patient administration, clinical decision support, patient
monitoring and healthcare interventions.


Medical diagnostics include various medical tests /imaging usually performed to detect infections, conditions and diseases. The digital images files for example a chest or CT image of a patient can be promptly processed using AI to not only know the presence of a host of dozens of respiratory/chest or cardiac diseases but also can depict their severity of the diseases. The enables a clinical doctor to treat a patient immediately with increased confidence. Medical screening of Covid 19 patients using simple chest x ray images can also be explored using AI tool.


The primary objective of the company is to provide easy access to the tools of AI user friendly and interactive applications to delineate instant diagnosis using digital imaging data and several other image portals frequently used in day today activities of healthcare. It can enhance productivity, throughput and the efficiency of healthcare delivery and permit healthcare systems to provide more precise and better care to large cross section of people. AI can help improve the experience of healthcare practitioners enabling them to spend more time in direct patient care and reducing burnout.


AI assisted diagnostic applications particularly in healthcare practices are  totally inexpensive and can be performed at any point of care location without any costly infrastructure even at the primary health care level or rural clinics.


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