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Dectrocel Career Opportunities

Dectrocel Diagnostics has a huge potential of growth each year, and continued growth is on the horizon. Dectrocel offers a broad array of job opportunities including Research & Development, Marketing, Software Development & handling, Collection Centers, Technicians, office management jobs etc.

Making a Difference

At Dectrocel we make a difference by making the world a healthier and better place to live. We empower healthcare professionals to make better diagnostic decisions and lower healthcare costs by providing world class Diagnostic Platform. Our team is committed to improving the quality of life for everyone, everywhere, every day.

We surround ourselves with refined individuals and are committed to build a thriving organization and foster a vibrant community based on trust, integrity and a shared sense of purpose. We reinforce each other’s discipline, research and development in medical sphere, characterized by mutual respect and facing the challenges to make the lives of the people better day after day, everywhere. The streamlined working methodology and deep sense of cooperation is what makes Dectrocel exceptional

Top 10 Reasons, why to Work at Dectrocel

There are many fascinating reasons about working at Dectrocel. Here are the top 10 things our associates like the most to convey,

  1. Saving lives & making the world a healthier & happy place
  2. Emphasis on right balance of work and life
  3. Exceptional health and wellness benefits with excellent clinical testing plans
  4. Handsome pay and facilities
  5. Culture of cooperation, appreciation, recognition
  6. Challenging work with career growth opportunities
  7. Highly qualified and talented management who appreciates employee ideas and rewards hard work
  8. Opportunities to learn new things and gain new skills by regular skilling workshops
  9. Social fun events every year.
  10. Homely working environment

Career Opportunities

Dectrocel offers a broad range of positions in various departments. We are always in need of dedicated & talented researchers, marketing persons, designers, office managers, collection centers and sample collectors. We offer competitive salaries, vacation and holidays, medical benefits and a homely environment.

We always try to encourage our team members to excel in their fields. If you are seasoned passionate working spirit and open mindedness, you are always welcome.

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