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Dectrocel HealthCare and Research Pvt. Ltd provides an automated end-to-end solution for personalized diagnostics, producing real-time patient diagnostics reports, within few hours that gives unique clinical insights on individual patient’s health conditions and help facilitate personalized medicine. Our technical and business core team has unique national and international experience in the industry, including super-specialty hospitals, research institutes and medical diagnostics services.

Our Mission & Values

Dectrocel’s Personalized Medicine using AI is rethinking and redefining healthcare

Thus our Mission is:

“Making the world a healthier place”

Our Management

Dr. Ankit Shukla- (Director, Research & Development) (Founder) Holds a PhD in AI and Machine Learning as applied to Medicine, from the School of Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. He has worked on several projects to develop AI algorithms for medical diagnosis and has a lot of international research experience in the field of medical informatics.

Saumya Shukla- (Director, Business Communications) (Co- Founder & CEO)- Pursuing a PhD in Health Economics, SGPGI, Hospital & DSMRU. She is a Healthcare Delivery Futurist and Innovations for Access Expert – bringing together public and private expertise to achieve sustainable and assured access to healthcare. Passionate about increasing access of developmental interventions, healthcare services to the last mile through innovations and evidence-based-decision making and policy action. Revel in conceptualizing and articulating innovations in access and healthcare delivery using robust evidence, legal frameworks and big data – working at the intersection of Medical Laws, Access, Governance and Policy matters. Proficient in the process of bringing together public and private sector expertise for leading innovative healthcare interventions and collaborations for achieving healthcare goals.
Experience: Health Policy Analysis, COVID-epidemic support, Real World Evidence Based Policy-making, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare,
Policy, Health system reform, Health financing and health economics, HTA, Public-Private Partnerships and Epidemiology. Extensive experience of project management for infectious disease epidemics.

Nikhil Mishra (CTO) – Researcher, Medical Coder as Applied to medicine from IIT Kanpur.

Krishna Kumar Shukla (Senior Business Analyst/Development) (Founding Member)- An MBA from Technical University of Munich and an Electrical Engineer from IIT, BHU has more than 10 years of business experience in companies like BMW, Munich, Germany and Infosys Ltd.